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trapper_robb-bustAnytime Wildlife Control provides the City of Utica the following nuisance animal control related services, skunk removal, squirrel removal, bat removal, raccoon removal, and bird removal. We are wildlife control trappers that trap wildlife & remove the wild animal. We will solve and get rid of your nuisance wildlife control problems.

Noises in your attic are usually caused by Raccoon, Opossums, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Bat & Birds in your attic.

Skunks-maynardstanleyEach of these species if left alone will end up in damage to your attic resulting in thousands of dollars in damage to insulation, duct work and can result in dangerous feces and urine deposits that can result in affecting the health of your family and loved ones. We know how to trap, remove and prevent re-occurrences from Raccoon, Opossums, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Bat & Birds. We also provide insulation replacement, attic cleanup and attic restoration.

Lawn Damage is often caused by Moles, Skunks, Woodchucks, Badgers, Raccoons and also a variety of other Species. Property Damage is the final result if any wild animals are allowed to occupy your homes attic, under your decks or porches or even left to roam your property. Anytime Wildlife Control can save you money in the long run when we am hired in the early stages by removing the problem animal and stopping further damage.

Dead Animal Removal Syracuse NY – Have a dead animal in your yard, in the walls of your home and business? We can help. We have the specialized tools to find them and minimize the damage removing them the walls. We can also help with the odor and make things smell fresh and nice again.

batgggBat Removal And Bat Control Syracuse NY - Bats in your living space of your home? Do you see bats flying in and out of your home at sunset? We offer the most humane removal of bat problems. We use one way valves and do not trap them. Don’t be fooled by the companies on the internet who offer magic sprays, electronic devices and waste your money. Bat problems are often caused by poor home maintenance and poor design a home can be water tight yet not bat tight. We inspect your home, identify all entry and exit points and seal off any future entry points as part of our service.


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Bird Removal Syracuse NYAnd Bird Control Syracuse NY- Birds are a big annoyance, in addition to the noise they also do a lot of damage and leave foul fecal droppings. Many bird species are federally protected and may require permits at the local ,state and federal level. We know how to trap & remove birds and keep them away permanently.

Snake Removal And Snake Control Syracuse NY- We are specialists in the removal of snakes from your home, basement, attic and property and can make recommendations to prevent their re-occurrence.

baby-coon-rescueRaccoon Removal Syracuse NYAnd Raccoon Control Syracuse NY – We offer full raccoon removal services. We know how to trap raccoons. We prevent their re-entry into your home and can repair the damage they have caused and prevent it from occurring again.

Squirrel Removal Syracuse NY And Squirrel Control Syracuse NY – Squirrels may be cute out on a tree in your yard but are a real pest when they claim your attic as your new home. In addition to all the noise in your attic, they also chew wiring and are responsible for millions of dollars in damage yearly in addition to the house fires they are responsible for. We know how to trap squirrels.

Skunk Removal Syracuse NY And Skunk Control Syracuse NY – The skunk is infamous for its offensive smell as its primary means of defending themselves. If you do not want you or your pets sprayed we know how to trap skunks and not get sprayed.

mother-possum-cageOpossum Removal Syracuse NY And Opossum Control Syracuse NY– We offer full opossum removal services. We know how to trap opossum. We prevent their re-entry into your home and can repair the damage they have caused and prevent it from occuring again.

Groundhog or Woodchuck Removal Syracuse NY- Groundhogs are classified as a pest species due to their habits of digging and eating crops.
We know how to trap groundhogs and prevent future problems caused by them.

Odor Control- We offer a wide variety of services to eliminate odor caused by wildlife and dead animals including Skunk odor.

Rodent Removal and Rodent Control- We provide rodent control for rats, mice and squirrels. We know how to trap rodents, squirrels, mice,rats and keep them out .

Mole Trapper Syracuse NY- Mole Control, Gopher Control, Vole Control burrowing critter control is our specialty’s. We know how to trap moles and other burrowing critters.

Animal Proofing – Wildlife Proofing – Animal Damage Repair- No matter what kind of critter, animal, or wildlife has moved into your attic, roof, soffits, crawl space, basement, barn, or shed, we can catch it, remove it and prevent further habitation. We provide some of the best methods of animal damage repair to not only keep them out but do it in a professional manner to match the architecture of your residence or building and keep them out.

62237308-09051023Animal Control Services of Syracuse NY If you need help with a cat or dog issue, you need to call the Onondaga County Animal Control Department. They can assist you with domestic animal problems. Onondaga County Animal Control does not give assistance for wildlife removal. The Onondaga County Animal Control Dept. phone number is (315) 249-9957

Do not call Anytime Control for a dog or cat problem unless you have a pet and require assistance with dead animal removal.

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